What is the best time to travel to Peru?

One of the most visited countries of South America is Peru, and for good reason. Peru is extremely diverse and has many impressive sights. From the Andes mountains to the jungle in the Amazon, totally different worlds and therefore climates. When you travel to South America, you have to deal with a different climate, which also varies per country. It is therefore difficult to find out when it is best to visit a particular country. What is the best time to travel to Peru? You can read it in this blog! […]

5 places you don't want to miss in Peru

Peru is one of the highlights of South America, and with a good reason. The country is not only very versatile, it also has a rich culture that can be found throughout the country. Think for example of the Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, where the impressive buildings of the Incas can be admired. In this blog we will show you 5 places in Peru that you should not miss during your trip to Peru. […]

Unforgettable animal interactions (part 2)

NL versie Welcome to this blog! Today I want to share with you part 2 of unique animal interactions abroad. You’ll read about the nicest experience with Flamingo’s, the wildlife of Galapagos, Whale watching and Alpacas, the best place to meet them and what time of the year is best to visit! Visit the Flamingos […]

Unforgettable animal interactions (part 1)

NL versie Welcome to this blog! Today I want to share with you some unique animal interactions abroad. In this blog you’ll read about the nicest experience with The Big Five, Whale Sharks, horses and husky’s, the best place to meet them and what time of the year is best to visit them. Spot The […]

Pauline’s travel at home blog

NL versie Today I share 5 delicious drinks from Latin America! There are singing birds, the trees are in blossom and the sun is showing more often. What a good start of weather for spring. With this nice weather, of course a cold drink is needed. Well, they have in Latin America ? . Below […]

UYUNI Travels!

“Uyuni, words will never do, I enter San Pedro trembling. Was this real? Did I REALLY experience this? An ultimate feeling of happiness, excitement but at the same time a lump in my throat. That it’s over. Nature, so breathtaking, pure and untamed. The starry sky, I had never seen it this immense. The jeep […]

TRAVEL DIARY: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

This lover of travelling went to South America with UYUNI Travels for a month! She travelled through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, a cross-border experience to never forget. Find some memories from her trip below. “Travelling through South America alone with ‘un poco’ Spanish. I’m so glad UYUNI Travels arranged an amazing vacation for me! They […]

5 reasons to visit South America

1. Pure nature. Admire the spectacular Andes or the colorful flamingo lagoons, volcanoes and endless salt plains on the Altiplano, paddle among icebergs in Patagonia or listen to a concert of birds and monkeys in the Amazon. 2. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas and experience the magic of Machu Picchu and other treasures […]

Travelogue Peru, Bolivia, Chile

These travel lovers went to South America with UYUNI Travels for 3.5 weeks! They traveled through Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Find their own travelogue below. “Our journey through Peru, Bolivia and Northern Chile was a very varied experience with a lot of history, culture, spectacular landscapes, flora and fauna. Between all impressions and relocations, there […]

Pauline’s travel at home blog

NL version Hi, welcome to this blog! My name is Pauline and I studie Management Tourism in Breda, The Netherlands. I love to travel and get every opportunity to visit new places. Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment. That’s why I’m trying to bring other countries to you! Today I’m taking you to the […]

Tips for traveling South America!

Ok. We understand that in terms of anticipation you would rather spend hours browsing South America travel blogs or secretly take a look through Google Maps at the highlights that you are going to visit, but we would still like to give you some useful tips to ensure that you will be able to enjoy […]