“Uyuni, words will never do, I enter San Pedro trembling. Was this real? Did I REALLY experience this? An ultimate feeling of happiness, excitement but at the same time a lump in my throat. That it’s over. Nature, so breathtaking, pure and untamed. The starry sky, I had never seen it this immense. The jeep tears across unpaved roads and surprises us at every turn. Every 2 minutes a window opens because we can’t resist capturing this view on camera to share with the rest of the world.” – Diary



This experience has been a great inspiration for starting UYUNI travels with the goal of ‘sharing the beauty of the world’. A picture or words can’t convey the overwhelming feeling of a new travel experience. That’s why UYUNI wants to enable you to experience it yourself. We offer trips tailored to your need and make the beauty of the world accessible, for both the traveller and the local environment.
We listen and like hearing which things give your energy and suit you. We have a lot of knowledge of the possibilities in South America and puts together a unique trip based on this. We are looking forward making your dream trip come true!