This lover of travelling went to South America with UYUNI Travels for a month! She travelled through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, a cross-border experience to never forget. Find some memories from her trip below.

“Travelling through South America alone with ‘un poco’ Spanish. I’m so glad UYUNI Travels arranged an amazing vacation for me! They speak from experience and can arrange the best, trendiest and coolest accommodation, tours, restaurants, you name it, and organise putting it all together. Do it!”

“The No.1 thing to do in Iguazu is a boat ride past the falls. You’ll definitely get wet and the feeling you’ve ended up spinning in a washing machine! After that, I was happy to get back on land!”

“A tango class in Buenos Aires, is the best way to experience the culture and to feel super sensual! :)”

“Powerful to hear the story of ‘las Madras’ in Buenos Aires (mothers whose children ‘disappeared’ during the state terrorism of the military dictatorship, between 1976 and 1983) #notsoprettyandpartofculture.”

“Buenos Aires, a valhalla of great restaurants. Why not check out a ‘closed door restaurant’, eating in a special setting like this antique shop. There is a first time for everything!”

“There it is, the Mendoza Malbec wine! Great to cycle through the wine region with ‘sip stops’ at nice wineries. Easy for Dutch people, a challenge for many others.”

“Super cute family run hotel in Mendoza.”


“Valporaiso Chile, the most important question to ask is where to look first? So much incredibly beautiful street art.”

“Wow, what an amazing landscape we came across during the ‘Humahuaca tour’ in Salta.”


“Nature is so beautiful. These ‘7 colour mountains’ are so impressive in real life! A highlight during the ‘Cafayate tour’ in Salta.” 


“Bus transport from Argentina to Chile, is actually quite good! I mean the buses arranged by UYUNI Travels :)”

“No, it’s not an internet picture, it is a real-life picture of the moon during a Stargazing tour in San Pedro de Atacama, it’s glorious! A shooting star completed this amazing experience.”


“Great and quiet hotel in the vibrant tourist town of San Pedro de Atacama.”

“I can’t properly express in words how beautiful the salt lakes are that you see during the ‘Valle de la Luna tour’ in San Pedro de Atacama. Go experience it!”


“Swimming and floating in the salt lakes at San Pedro de Atacama was so much fun. It’s a shame that the view is somewhat “average”…!!!”


“An absolute highlight when in the north of Chile and Argentina, were the flamingo lakes in Bolivia, #foreverlove.”

“No wonder that UYUNI Travels is called UYUNI Travels, it’s the best of the best. Experience the salt lakes in a jeep with fun travellers from around the world!”