• Culinary

    TASTE THE FLAVOURS OF SOUTH AMERICASouth America Culinary “Enjoy the delicious, unique dishes, such as perfectly prepared Angus steak you devour at a barbecue party, accompanied by a wine from Mendoza. Perhaps you'll pick one of the Michelin star restaurants South America hosts, like Central in Lima, where ingredients are used in the same way [...] Continue Reading
  • Vulcanoes

    EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF VOLCANOESVulcanoes South America  “The horizon of South America is characterised by the most impressive volcanoes in the world. Thick plumes of smoke break through the skyline. You feel alive when you stand next to the raging fire, all your senses are stimulated, the intense scent of mother nature melting together with [...] Continue Reading
  • Swinging cities

    EXPERIENCE THE SWINGING CITIES OF SOUTH AMERICASwinging cities South America “Tropical temperatures, swinging Latino vibes and colonial architecture, South American cities are vibrant 24/7. You sip from a local wine on a terrace while watching tango dancers passing by or stroll through one of the colourful streets with live music.” Listing the jewels Lively, sexy [...] Continue Reading
  • Culture & Andes

    FOLLOW IN THE INCAS’ FOOTSTEPSCulture & Andes “You carefully brush your fingertips over the ancient stones of the Inca ruins. You have no doubt heard or read about these fascinating people, their religion and customs, but it's very special to experience the power of such a spiritual place yourself and enjoy the same view as [...] Continue Reading
  • Ride like a gaucho

    EXPERIENCE THE ANDES AS A GAUCHOHorse riding South America “You feel the wind through your hair and smell the fresh mountain air. While you start riding a little faster, you constantly see the landscape and colours around you change. You experience an ultimate sense of freedom on the back of your beautiful horse". Become one with [...] Continue Reading
  • Amazon

    ENLIGHTEN YOUR SENSES IN THE AMAZONAmazon Travel On the silent banks, snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles hide in the shadows. You quietly observe from an outrigger canoe which sails through the lush jungle. The water is calm and coloured green from the duckweed. The air is pink from the setting sun, suddenly a pink dolphin [...] Continue Reading
  • Altiplano

    DISCOVER THE ENCHANTING ALTIPLANO Altiplano  “It’s nature, so breath taking and untamed. The starry sky, is so immense and overwhelming. The jeep tears across unpaved roads across the abandoned alien landscape. Nature's elements show themselves in their most pure forms: turquoise lakes, golden brown sandy hills, gushing geysers and jagged cactus islands. The wild llamas graze [...] Continue Reading
  • Patagonia

    DISCOVER THE NATURAL PARADISE OF PATAGONIAPatagonia Travel “Mountains are reflected in crystal clear lakes. The primal sound of melting, cracking glaciers. Gauchos gallop by, through the green tundra planes with endless vistas. You are surrounded by mountain walls with jagged peaks and are rewarded with an awe-inspiring panorama. Nature is serene, abandoned and rough. In [...] Continue Reading