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Visiting glaciers and deserts in 1 country? It can be done during your Chile travel; Chile is thanks to its expanse (4300 kilometres in length!) situated in multiple climate zones. On the way, you encounter both fjords and desserts and you can climb multiple volcanoes. Then recover from all your exertion in a natural hot water spring or visit one of the national parks.

The north of Chile is characterised by the Atacama dessert. This is a special place; there are parts where it never rains, but you can also find geysersspurting out hot water and brightly coloured lagoons at the base of volcanoes, where pink flamingos grace the landscape. Chile has the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world. And almost nowhere on earth is the starry sky this beautiful and impressive, it’s no wonder it’s the base for the Nasa.

The south of Chile includes Patagonia and the breathtaking Torres del Paine park, ideal for day hikes but also for more active, multiple-day treks.

Want some culture? Visit the vineyards in the Elqui valley or one of the colourful cities with street art and cheerful street musicians like Santiago or Valporaiso.

A few of the possibilities

Admire Chile’s artsy port city of Valporaiso or walk through the mountainous masterpiece of Torres del Paine in Patagonia, even the die-hard hiker will find what they’re looking for, from a full days walk, or hiking for more than a week. Experience the heavenly Atacama; the panoramas of the salt flats, colourful volcano landscapes, flamingo lagoons and gushing geysers are an experience never to be forgetten. Or enjoy the finest wines and clear night sky in the Elqui valley.

Practical information

  • A trip to Chile can be combined with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru
  • You can travel through Chile throughout the year, however certain areas in the south are only accessible part of the year during the summer months.
  • The main language in Chile is Spanish. You pay using the Peso

Some examples of trips for inspiration, can be completely customised to your wishes

A trip to Chile can be combined with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru

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    “I can’t properly express in words how beautiful the salt lakes are that you see during the ‘Valle de la Luna tour’ in San Pedro de Atacama. Go experience it!”

    “Valporaiso Chile, the most important question to ask is where to look first? So much incredibly beautiful street art.”

    “Swimming and floating in the salt lakes at San Pedro de Atacama was so much fun. It’s a shame that the view is somewhat “average”…!!!”