Colombia travel

Colourful, swinging and open; the Colombians are happy to welcome you to their versatile country.
The northern part of Colombia is characterized by a subtropical climat, perfect for travel. Here, you’ll find colonial cities like Cartagena, with islands full of white beaches before the Caribbean coast, as well as the splendid Tayrona Park with beaches bordering the jungle.

In the centre is the capital of Bogota, which you can explore by bicycle, but the street art walk is a lot of fun too. Admire the paintings and statues of Botera. There’s a sensational underground salt cathedral close to Bogota, just like the beautifully preserved colonial village of Villa de Leyva, with a Valhalla of stylish restaurants, chocolate and jewellery stores. In the city of Medellín, it’s eternally spring and you can explore the city by cable car with a guide. The lake district is also worth seeing, as well as the colourful village of Guatape.

Colombia is also known for its amazing coffee. Stroll through the coffee fields and taste the delicious coffee at one of the coffee plantations. In the same region, you can walk among the tallest palm trees in the world, which are the stuff of fairy tales! Aside from the green valleys, Colombia is also home to the splendid unexplored Tatacoa Desert. In San Agustín, you’ll find the most important archaeological site of Colombia during your travel. It’s also a great place to ride horses. And for the Salsa lover, we definitely recommend Cali, the Salsa capital of the world!

A few of the possibilities

Visit the unexplored Tatacoa Desert where you’ll sleep under the immense starry sky. Walk among the largest wax palms in the world in splendid Salento. Spot wildlife during a walk in the beautiful Tayrona National Park and enjoy the wonderful beaches there. Marvel at the tombs with animal figures in the archaeological park in San Agustín. And shake those hips to the swinging live music in the colourful Colombian cities!

Practical information

  • You can travel Colombia throughout the entire year.
  • The climate varies from subtropical to a high-mountain climate
  • The most commonly spoken language is Spanish, you pay with the Colombian peso.

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