Colombia highlights

Colombia is vibrant, open and alive! This Colombia tour starts in colorful Bogota, which you can explore on foot or by bicycle. You go back in time in colonial Villa de Leyva and walk among the highest wax palms in the world and visit a coffee plantation where you can taste the best coffee. Take the cable car and marvel at the street art in the slums of Medellín. End your trip at the Caribbean coast where you visit the beautiful Tayrona NP, with snow white beaches and where colorful Cartagena will embrace you.


Day 1 - Bogota

Welcome to Colombia!
Upon arrival at the Bogota airport, you’ll be picked up and brought to your hotel in the centre of the city.

Day 2 - Bogota

In the morning, you’ll explore the capital of Colombia under the supervision of a guide. You’ll walk through La Candelaria, the colourful historical centre of the city. Here, you can marvel at the very best street art! You’ll visit the plaza de Bolivar, the gold museum and the paintings of the famous Colombian artist Botera. From the Cerro Monserrate, which you climb using the cable car, you’ll have a fantastic view across the city.

You can spend the rest of the day freely, a great occasion to explore the city by bike or to enjoy the variety of fruit juices, colourful squares and restaurants.


Day 3 - Salt cathedral & Villa de Leyva

After breakfast, you’ll head to Villa de Leyva. On the way, you’ll stop at Zipaquira, the former centre of salt production of the Muisca natives. Here, you’ll visit one of South America’s wonders: the spectacular underground salt cathedral of Zipaquira. The light effects provide an extra dimension and make it an experience to never forget. It’s one of the largest religious buildings in the world.

Afterwards, you’ll drive to the colonial village of Villa de Leyva, where time stands still. You can explore this picturesque place on your own. The white houses, squares, Moorish balconies and large stone buildings are enchanting. It used to be a retreat for the elite. You can indulge in the trendy chocolate and jewellery stores and great restaurants.

Day 4 - Villa de Leyva

Today, you’ll be able to explore the environment of Villa de Leyva by bicycle or by car with driver. In the nearby environment, you’ll find old ruins, fossils, vineyards and religious centres. You can visit the ‘El Fósil’ museum, where a 110-115 million year old dinosaur was found with a length of 12 metres. The ‘El Infiernito’ archaeological park is also extraordinary. This old city was an astronomic centre for the Muisca community, the largest in Colombia, who lived between 1000 and 1550 B.C. The environment is also a great place to hike and ride horses. In the late afternoon, you’ll drive back to Bogota.


Day 5 -  Coffee region & Salento

Today, you’ll leave for the famous coffee region. A beautiful road through the valley leads you to the colourful village of Salento. You’ll visit a coffee plantation and learn everything about the world of coffee! You can experience the entire process from the coffee plant to the cup of coffee. A coffee expert talks about the secrets of planting, harvesting and drying the coffee. You can also pick coffee beans yourself on the plantation. Allow yourself to be seduced by the smell and taste of one of the best Colombian coffees in the world.

Day 6 - Valle de Cocora

On today’s programme is a hike among the tallest wax palms in the world. The trees can reach a height of 70 metres. This experience can definitely be considered enchanting and extraordinary. During the hike through the Valle de Cocora, the guide talks about the origin of the unique palm trees. You can also drink the unusual Colombian delicacy of chocolate milk with cheese.


Day 7 - Medellin

You leave for Medellín early in the morning. Your journey winds through beautiful valleys to the city once known as the city of drug lord Pablo Escobar. You’ll stay in a lively district with a broad choice of bars and restaurants.  Due to the eternal spring, Medellín is considered a pleasant city to live in and a lot of expats have settled here.

Day 8 - Guatape & Penol

Today, you’ll make a trip from Medellín to the charming village of Guatape, with colourful houses with decorations. The paintings on the houses show the traditions from the region. Flowers, animals and symbols from the Spanish colonial area characterise the houses, a sight to behold.

You’ll also visit La Piedra del Peñol, which provides you a breathtaking view across the lake area of the region.


Day 9 - Tayrona

Today, you’ll fly from Medellín to Santa Marta. This city was founded as the first Spanish settlement in South America. From the airport, you’re driven to the Tayrona Park. Here, you’ll stay in one of the most beautiful hotels at the edge of the park or in lodges in the park where you can spend the night. When you stay outside the park, you’re dropped off at the hotel. When you stay in the park, you’ll hike to your accommodation for around an hour on foot. A splendid hike through the jungle to the beach. Here you’ll find the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Day 10 - Tayrona

You have a free day to enjoy the Tayrona National Park. You can take beautiful hikes past the Caribbean beaches and enjoy this paradise of nature. There are snorkel options in the bay near the La Piscina beach. You can also walk to the most famous beach of the park, Cabo San Juan, a stunning bay with 2 beaches and extraordinary rock formation. There are plenty more beautiful beaches in the park, depending on where you’ll stay, we can provide tips.


Day 11 - Cartagena

By mini-van, you’ll travel from Tayrona to Cartagena, also known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean” and it won’t surprise you. Cartagena is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of its amazing colonial architecture created by the Spaniards. The city is truly a sight to behold. Cartagena has stunning islands before the coast, good restaurants, beautiful stores, charming hotels and a bustling night life.

Day 12 - Cartagena

You can freely spend the day.

You can explore the city on your own or with a guide or visit the local market. Cartagena has stunning islands before the coast, good restaurants, beautiful stores, charming hotels and a bustling night life. Saunter through the charming, romantic streets, admire the impressive colonial buildings, the warm temperature gives the city a subtropical edge.


Day 13 - Rosario Eiland

You end your trip with a visit to the Rosaria Island off the coast of Cartagena. The island has beautiful white beaches, turquoise clear water, perfect snorkel opportunities and dolphins off the coast. And delicious fresh fish from the barbeque. You’ll spend the night here.

Day 18 - Return flight

End of an unforgettable tailor-made travel through Colombia.

Transfer to the airport. You fly back home with impressions for a lifetime!


* All accommodations with breakfast
* Mentioned meals
* Transport like mentioned in the program
* Excursions like mentioned in the program, unless stated otherwise

Not included:
* International flights
* Not mentioned meals
* Entry fees national parks, unless mentioned differently
* Optional and not mentioned services and excursions