Inspire, reward and motivate your team and clients in an unforgettable way? Incentive travel is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Show your appreciation to the people that work for your company with passion by providing them with the experience of a lifetime and bind them to your enterprise in a sustainable way.

You will strengthen the relationships within the group which leads to better results at work. We’d love to sit down with you to discuss what suits you and your company best!

What’s the greatest challenge your company faces? Want to return from a team trip with new ideas and a new approach to achieve the desired results? Experience shows that coaching has a bigger impact and provides faster results in a new environment. We work with professional coaches that develop team building and challenges on site.

VIP/ relations trips
Invite your business relations
 for a trip to reward their loyalty for example, be together to strengthen your relations and/or to do business is a very efficient way that will quickly return its investment. A spectacular location definitely helps, we’d love to contribute!


Corporate background
UYUNI Travels specialises in custom trips for both individual and incentive trips. With more than 20 years of shared corporate work experience, we know very well what companies want and need for a successful trip and are excited to help you.

Our partners in South America have decades of experience in custom tourism, which provides a solid base for facilitating Incentive and VIP trips. Our joint experience and expertise enable us to offer custom trips that perfectly match your wishes. Groups are guided in their own language and our local partners can be reached 24/7.

Responsible tourism
With the view that traveling can benefit both the traveller and local environment, we collaborate with local entrepreneurs: agents, accommodations, gastronomy and transport to positively support the local economy, culture and wellbeing. Sharing the beauty of the world is our philosophy and our aim is to keep the beauty of world intact. We do our best to offer trips, in such a way as to preserve the natural environment as far as we possibly can, so humans and animals can continue to thrive.


Endless possibilities
We’re active in six countries in South America; Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia, which make the possibilities limitless. We are happy to help you find the perfect destination for your incentive travel. We can combine a work congress or business event with an incentive trip. We have the knowledge and capacity to organise and guide a trip of any size.

Connection, transport and historical setting
Direct flights to and from South American cities make them comfortable destinations and efficient transport and connections enable you to maximise your time. For short distances, we use professional drivers and cars or buses/minivans of high quality to guarantee great comfort.
Booming cities like Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogota and Quito have extensive facilities for professional events. These and other cities have modern motorways, luxurious hotels with meeting rooms in combination with charming colonial architecture and authentic cultural experiences. Wine tastings and tango dancers in Argentina, the Amazon and the world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia, visit the Galapagos in Ecuador or Machu Picchu in Peru! These are just a few of the possibilities…

Safety and Stability
We are aware that it’s important that the countries you travel to are politically and economically stable. Our countries are safe destinations for organised trips, international meetings, congresses, incentive and VIP trips.

Unique incentive experience!
Our destinations consist of the most diverse countries in the world, in the field of culture, gastronomy and nature. Peru has a rich Inca past, the world famous Machu Picchu and high quality culinary possibilities. Colombia has the Caribbean north with colourful colonial cities, splendid beaches and wonderful temperatures, Ecuador is one of the world’s best bird watching places, Patagonia has unique hiking options, Argentina has vibrant cities, the gaucho culture and tango dancers, Bolivia is still one of the most authentic countries of South America with heavenly natural beauty and the Amazon stretches across the entire continent. Our countries include travel destinations that are on the bucket list of every traveller: like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos islands.
Below are some examples of Incentive travel to South America that can be customised to your wishes. The possibilities are endless.

How we work
Are you interested, do you want to discuss your ideas with us in a non-binding manner, or do you already have concrete ideas for an incentive trip? Call or email us with your question. We’ll happily create a non-binding, customised schedule of the travel programme with daily planning, budget and useful information.


Incentive travel Bolivia

Discover the Altiplano with the largest salt flats on earth (Salar de Uyuni), the brightly coloured flamingo lagoons, gushing geysers and abandoned volcano plains. The Altiplano is explored with a well-equipped jeep. You can go on an adventure for 1,2 or 3 days. We strongly recommend the 3-day trip for the ultimate experience. Perfect for team building!

Incentive travel Peru

Machu Picchu, the hidden Inca city and the UNESCO world heritage jewel, is hidden between the peaks of the Andes mountain range and the tropical rainforest. This wonder of the world is on the bucket list of many, and can be combined with a beautiful mountain bike tour or hike through the sacred valley, craft markets, a traditional cooking workshop in Cusco and a historical walking tour through Lima. This trip is excellent for a -5-day incentive trip.

Incentive travel Argentina

Buenos Aires is vibrant and pleasing to the eye. Enjoy the live music, street art and tango dancers in the colourful streets with your team or clients! The city can be combined with a visit to a traditional estancia, where you can enjoy an asado, the traditional Argentinian barbecue and marvel at the gauchos on their horses. This trip can also be combined with a day trip to the white town of Colonia in Arugay or with Iguazu, the world famous Amazon waterfalls. This trip can be enjoyed in 4-5 days.

Incentive travel Chile

Chile, which lies in multiple climate zones thanks to its vast expanse, is very diverse! A short trip can cover the north, middle and south. For example, combine a historical city walk through Santiago with the artistic colourful Valporaiso and visit an authentic ranch in the countryside with your team or clients where you can enjoy an outdoor barbecue and those who want, can ride a horse. End this trip with a delicious wine tasting at one of the famous Chilean vineyards.

Incentive travel Ecuador, Galapagos

The legendary Galapagos Islands are an absolute highlight of Ecuador and accessible through direct flights from Quito. This archipelago of volcanic origin is home a host of wild animals on the land, in the sky and underwater, Giant tortoises, playful sea lions, blue-footed boobies, penguins, flamingos and iguanas, you can experience them extremely up close. Follow in Charles Darwin’s footsteps.

All-inclusive cruises are available from 4-days. Ideal for a short incentive trip! Feel free to contact us to explore the different possibilities.

Incentive travel Colombia

Colourful, swinging and open; the Colombians are happy to welcome you to their versatile country!

Discover Bogota by bike or Medellin by cable car, the street art walks are also legendary in both cities! Combine with the coffee region of Salento, where you can taste the most delicious coffee at one of the coffee plantations and walk among the tallest palm trees in the world. And shake those hips in the Caribbean Cartagena, with charming streets, shops, delicious restaurants and islands with beautiful white beaches. Colombia lends itself perfectly for a 5-day incentive trip.