Experience the culture of Peru like an Inca

This trip allows you to discover the classic Peru, where you combine the rich Inca past with impressive Andes landscapes. Wander through the ruins of Machu Picchu and admire the splendid terraced fields in the Sacred Valley. Enjoy the delicious Peruvian kitchen and admire the countless archaeological treasures in Trujillo and Chiclayo that Peru has to offer.


Day 1 - Lima

Day flight to Lima. Upon arrival at the airport, there’ll be a transfer to the hotel.

You are free to spend the evening as you wish. Did you know that Peru was voted best culinary destination in the world multiple times? In the evening, you can enjoy yourself at one of the great local restaurants or perhaps in one of the Michelin star restaurants that can be found in South America. Here, ingredients are still used in the same way as the inhabitants of the Andes used them centuries ago.

Day 2 - Lima

City tour of Lima: Historic centre, Pisco Sour tasting and Larco Museum 

Our city tour takes you through 3 historical periods: Pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern. The tour starts with a panoramic view across the impressive Huaca Huallamarca. You visit the colonial centre where you view the Convent of St. Dominic, which has been declared a Cultural Heritage. At the end of the tour, you stop for a Pisco Sour tasting, the most delicious and famous drink of Peru. Lastly, you visit the beautiful Larco Museum, which shows the most beautiful collection of the pre-Peruvian art of the country. This helps you understand the 5000 year old history of Peru, giving an even greater appreciation of the country.


Day 3 - Chiclayo

Morning flight to Chiclayo. After a short visit to your hotel, you’re brought to the Huaca Rajada in Sipán for a guided visit to the 4 tombs of the influential warlord of Sipán and the accompanying museum. You’ll see impressive archaeological finds of the Moche culture; jewellery, gold and silver objects and marks (100-700 A.D.). The mummy of the warlord  Sipán was discovered in 1987. National Geographic compared this archaeological discovery with the discovery of Tutankhamun’s grave.

Day 4 - Trujillo & Chan Chan

Today, you’ll visit the city of Trujillo. On the way, you’ll visit the archaeological complex of “El Brujo”, where you’ll see archaeologists work on the excavation in the ‘Moche of Cabo Viejo pyramid’, north of Trujillo and near the mouth of the Chicama River. This pre-Colombian religious complex dates 500 years back and consisted of 3 pyramids.

In the afternoon, you’ll visit the archaeological complex of Chan Chan with a private guide, the largest mud and Pre-Colombian city in the world. Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu empire and stretched from present-day Lima across the northern coast of Peru to the borders of Ecuador. Inside the high walls are imposing royal rooms, smaller living spaces for the common people, burial grounds and courtyards. The mansions are to some of the most beautiful in Peru and often come with artfully carved wooden balconies. Later, you visit the historical Huanchaco, a fishing town where you can observe old boats which are used to maintain the ancient tradition of artisanal fishing.


Day 5 - Cusco

Today you fly to lively and colourful Cusco.

Day 6 - Cusco

Cusco! Seductive, striking and natural. History is alive in the streets, squares, valleys and villages. In the ruins surrounding the city, you see the remains of refined architecture.

You will get a guided city tour through the old Inca capital, located at 3400 metres. You start at the Plaza de Armas square with its beautiful cathedral and walk through the narrow cobblestone streets with old Inca walls and nicely preserved colonial homes. After a short stop at the market, you’ll visit the Corichancha, the most important temple of the Inca empire, dedicated to the sun god Inti. The temple was, just like Machu Picchu, an Inca masterpiece.


Day 7 - Sacred valley

After a free morning you will have an afternoon trip to the village of Ollantaytambo.  Steep terraces lead to the actual fort. In the village itself, many houses are now built on top of the Inca ruins. For the free morning, there’s ample choice of possibilities: 1) Pisac market: a large traditional market, is held here on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. 2) Moray and Maras: the excursion starts in Moray, the village that’s famous for the circle-shaped agricultural terraces that are laid out as an amphitheatre. Scientists think it used to be a farming station in the time of the Icas. The salt terraces of Maras are spectacular to see: the thousands of small basins, filled with salt spring water, are found in all stages from wet to dry. 3) Rafting on the Urubamba: rafting for one and a half hours at level 2-3. 4) Cycling in the Sacred Valley: go along trails past the Urubamba by mountain bike. How great is that! 5) Walk through the Sacred Valley. Level: hard. With a climb from the valley to the hills for beautiful panoramas!

Day 8 - Machu Picchu

At an altitude of 2430 meters, on the border of the misty Amazon and the high Andes is the location of the Inca’s masterpiece: Machu Picchu. The city was built around the year 1440 and inhabited for almost a century. The masterpiece is hidden in such a way that the Spaniards never discovered it and as such, the city is excellently preserved!

You don’t see much of it in the valley, but the drive towards it is therefore spectacular. With the Vistadome train, you’ll drive to the village of Aguas Calientes in a breathtaking ride. The train has panorama windows so you’ll become one with the landscape. From Aguas Calientes take a short bus ride to the gates of Machu Picchu. The guide will take you through the streets, down stairs and past alleys in the old city; a magical experience. You also have plenty of time to walk around by yourself. You travel back to Cusco in the same way.


Day 9 - Lima

Transfer to the airport for flight to Lima and for the journey home.
The end of an unforgettable trip through Peru!

Day 10

Transfer airport for international flight.


* All accommodations with breakfast
* Mentioned meals
* Transport like mentioned in the program, except for domestic flights
* Excursions like mentioned in the program, unless stated otherwise


Not included:
* International and domestic flights
* Not mentioned meals
* Entry fees national parks, unless mentioned differently
* Optional and not mentioned services and excursions