South America is a versatile country that has something to offer for everyone! From jeep safaris on the salt flats in Bolivia, to a hike through the snowy peaks of Argentina or relaxing on a beach in Colombia. Whatever your travel dreams are, South America makes them come true. Curious about what else this beautiful continent has to offer? Check out our example trips!


Peru is known for Machu Picchu, the hidden city. This Inca masterpiece is definitely worth a visit in Peru. But Peru has much more to offer. Discover Cusco, for example, this seductive and historic city takes you on a journey through the history of Peru. Do you want to cool down? Then visit the Cordillera Blanca and climb to the top, where you will find snow-capped snow-capped peaks that offer breathtaking views of the country! Or what about a visit to the rainbow mountains or Amazon forest?


Off the beaten track? Untouched Bolivia has something special to offer! Not only is it a versatile country, but it also has the largest salt flat in the world. Cross this beautiful phenomenon with a jeep and experience Bolivia! Along the way, discover flora and fauna such as flamingos and the volcanoes! Bolivia is also perfect for city lovers, visit La Paz the highest capital in the world. Both on foot and by cable car, this city offers a unique experience! Bolivia is also great to combine with Peru and Chile.


Did you know that you can combine Chile, Bolivia and Peru in one trip? In Chile, for example, discover the beautiful colors of the Atacama desert. It is surrounded by several volcanoes that are worth a visit! With more than 1500 volcanoes, Chile has the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world! Chile has another special natural phenomenon, namely geysers. Visit it early in the morning and enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the meantime. Prefer to hike in Patagonia? Experience it with UYUNI Travels!


Colourful, swinging and cheerful. 
That’s how Colombia can be described best. Visit one of the colorful towns, such as Salento or Cartagena, discover the beautiful street art or relax on the beach. In Bogota, take the funicular and discover the city from above! Got a craving for coffee? How about a visit to the coffee plantations. Colombia is known for the tastiest coffees in the world for a reason! The desert in the south is also worth a visit. 


Argentina is is playful, breathtaking, versatile and covers almost half of South America. Do you want to enjoy both sun and snow in one country? Then this is the right destination for you! From subtropical rainforests to glaciers and cactus fields, Want to learn how to make a South American dish? Then join a cooking workshop and enjoy! Also for city lovers Argentina has a lot to offer, discover colourful Buenos Aires and combine it with a trip to Patagonia. 


Ecuador is known for its versatile flora and fauna! A real paradise for bird watchers! Visit the Galapagos Islands and be amazed by all the diverse animals you will encounter here! In addition, the country also offers an overwhelming nature! How about a visit to a national park or the Amazon? Or discover the colonial town of Quito and it’s mitad del Mundo? Experience all this during your trip to Ecuador!