Active & nature travel

South America will no doubt give your adrenaline a boost! Whether you’re a real adventurer or prefer long hikes; everything is possible. You can use a jeep to explore the corners of the Altiplano or climb a volcano in Chile. Real daredevils can conquer the Death Road by mountain bike (organised) with a starting point at an altitude of almost 5 kilometres which descends into the rainforest. There’s also plenty to do for active people in this rainforest. You can use an outrigger canoe to explore the Amazon form the inside out and sleep on the banks after an intensive day. Patagonia offers plenty of opportunities for hikes (of multiple days). Let us know what appeals to you and we’ll incorporate it into your trip!

Altiplano by jeep

Discover the Altiplano with the largest salt flats on earth (Salar de Uyuni), the brightly coloured flamingo lagoons, gushing geysers and abandoned volcano plains. The Altiplano is explored in a well-equipped jeep. You can go on an adventure for 1,2 or 3 days. We strongly recommend the 3-day trip for the ultimate experience.

Machu Picchu treks

Machu Picchu, the Inca masterpiece, is located in a green paradise and can be reached through multiple challenging trails. The classic Inca Trail leads to the old Inca city with a 4-day trek. The slightly tougher Salcantay trek is known for its spectacular panoramas.
Do you want a more leisurely visit to Machu Picchu? The Panorama train with its glass dome is also a very unique experience!

Amazon trips

Feel like leaving the inhabited world behind and submerge yourself in nature? Discover the largest rainforest in the world with an enormous variety in animals and plants, by outrigger canoe or by foot with a guide. Sleep on the banks of the Amazon in idyllic lodges.

Climb a vulcanoe

Experience the force of nature up close? There are volcanoes you can climb! Like the South-Chilean Villarica volcano , you climb to the mouth of the crater with ice picks, helmet and walking stick. It’s one of the most active and rare volcanoes in the world that has a lava lake in the crater. With a little luck, you’ll witness an eruption of Mother Earth!

Camp in Patagonia

Camp in valleys and beside glacial rivers, during treks of one or multiple days in Patagonia. The Torres del Paine national park offers excellent opportunities for this. Don’t want to carry your own tent? Well-equipped tents can also be found at campsites.


Kayaking in Patagonia

Kayak past the crystal clear glaciers and touch the ice from your kayak. A unique experience that makes you feel at one with nature. You can’t get any closer to this ice phenomenon.


Torres del Paine hike

The Torres de Pain national park is the absolute mountain masterpiece of Patagonia. Granite towers, azure blue lakes, glaciers, forests, pampas, this national park has everything to offer for nature lovers. Located in Chile, the national park is suitable for multiple day hikes, the W and C circuit are the most well-known routes. But equally rewarding for just a day; the national park is an amazing experience.

Death road mountainbiking

Are you brave enough? Cycle along one of the most dangerous roads in the world, with sharp turns and alongside deep ravines. This Xtreme downhill track is an amazing experience when you’re used to cycling. You start at 4700 metres and cycle down to the rainforest with spectacular views.