“It’s nature, so breath taking and untamed. The starry sky, is so immense and overwhelming. The jeep tears across unpaved roads across the abandoned alien landscape. Nature’s elements show themselves in their most pure forms: turquoise lakes, golden brown sandy hills, gushing geysers and jagged cactus islands. The wild llamas graze on the horizon and hundreds of flamingos gather at the lakes.”

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Earth, wind, fire and water

The Altiplano is the most expansive plateau on earth after Tibet and is located in the South American Andes at an average altitude of 3300 metres. The largest part is in Bolivia, the northern parts stretch out to Peru and the southern parts have offshoots in Chile and Argentina. With a surface of 10,000 km2, Bolivia has the largest salt plane of South America.

The Altiplano gets its surrealist shapes and colours from active volcanoes, water and wind. The heavenly landscape is inhabited by, llamas, vicuñas, alpacas and flamingos. The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world.  Jeep safarisstart from the town of Uyuni to go on trips of one or multiple days to discover this natural wonder. Become submerged in this surreally beautiful world and sleep under the largest starry sky in the southern hemisphere. This is one of our absolute highlights at UYUNI Travels!

Experience Altiplano

You will discover the Altiplano off-road in a well-equipped jeep and can be taken cross-border or stay within a single country.

  • The Altiplano stretches across: Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru
  • Best time to travel: April to October
  • You can discover the Altiplano with one-day, three-day or five-day tours.


“No wonder that UYUNI Travels is called UYUNI Travels, it’s the best of the best. Experience the salt lakes in a jeep with fun travellers from around the world!”

“An absolute highlight when in the north of Chile and Argentina, were the flamingo lakes in Bolivia, #foreverlove.”

“I can’t properly express in words how beautiful the salt lakes are that you see during the ‘Valle de la Luna tour’ in San Pedro de Atacama. Go experience it!”

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