Swinging cities South America

“Tropical temperatures, swinging Latino vibes and colonial architecture, South American cities are vibrant 24/7. You sip from a local wine on a terrace while watching tango dancers passing by or stroll through one of the colourful streets with live music.”


Listing the jewels

Lively, sexy and full of confidence: is the passionate Argentinian metropolis of Buenos Aires! BA has an elegant pink presidential palace on the Plaza de Mayo from which Evita held her famous speech.  Interesting districts include : La Boca, with brightly coloured homes, home of the sensual tangoPalermo, a trendy district with a Valhalla of luxurious boutiques and restaurants and the old San Telmo district with an antique market and live music.

The Chilean Valporaiso is an artsy colourful city close to Santiago, built on multiple hills that end in the Pacific. This jewel is on the Unesco’s World Heritage List. It’s a maze of small streets with brightly coloured wooden houses from Victorian times, decorated with street art. A sight to behold.

The old capital of the Incas, Cusco, is located in a beautiful valley in Andes mountain range in Peru, at an altitude of 3,360 metres. The Spaniards built colonial buildings on top of the old Inca ruins. You can comfortably stroll through the small relief-filled streets past native markets, historical buildings and art stores and at night past the restaurants, bars and clubs. Cusco is he base for the magical Machu Picchu!

The Peruvian city of Arequipa is surrounded by three volcanoes and is a beautiful white-coloured colonial city. The squares and buildings are a mix between European-colonial and native influences. The Plaza de Armas is the most beautiful city square in the country.

Sucre in Bolivia, also a white colonial jewel, is a charming city, the architecture reflects the riches of silver traders from Potosi from the 16th century. The city has developed culinary-wise and has a comfortable atmosphere, an absolute must for lovers of culture.

Experience the swinging cities

  • Buenos Aires: tango classesStreet Art tours, walking tours through the old centre, shopping paradise, antique markets, great restaurants & cosy bars.
  • Cusco: cooking course to master the refined Peruvian kitchen, native markets and Inca ruins.
  • Valporaiso: artistic walking tour, quirky stores and colourful streets
  • Arequipa & Sucre: city tours through the beautiful colonial heart of the city and cooking courses.


“Buenos Aires, a walhalla of great restaurants. Why not check out a ‘closed door restaurant’, eating in a special setting like this antique shop. There is a first time for everything!”

“Valporaiso Chile, the most important question to ask is where to look first? So much incredibly beautiful street art.”

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