South America Culinary

“Enjoy the delicious, unique dishes, such as perfectly prepared Angus steak you devour at a barbecue party, accompanied by a wine from Mendoza. Perhaps you’ll pick one of the Michelin star restaurantsSouth America hosts, like Central in Lima, where ingredients are used in the same way as people in the Andes did centuries ago. Or feast on trout from Lake Titicaca or ceviche with shrimps. Did you know that Peru was voted best culinary destination in the world multiple times? So even for the true gourmands among us, there’s plenty to discover in South America


From pepper to potato

The foodies among us can also find their heart’s desires here in South America. Peru, for example, has been voted ‘best culinary destination in the world’ multiple times.  3 of the top 50 restaurants in the world can be found in Lima. The country has one of the most varied kitchens in the world with influences from India, Spain, Africa and Asia. Commonly used ingredients are fish and shellfish, but also quinoa, lime, Spanish peppers and sweet potatoes.

Of course, South America is also the place for a good glass of wine. Chile is especially known for the quality of its wines. Wines from Mendoza (Argentina) are literally of a high level, the grapes grow in the highest places on earth. The Malbec wines that come from this region have a black fruit flavour running through them.

And yes, you sadly can’t avoid meat in South America. During a traditional Argentinian barbecue (asado), the meat is prepared on a grill or open fire. Picture large (!) chunks of meat like chorizo, steak, chicken or blood sausage.  You eat salad and cheese as side dishes.


Experience South America gastronomically

Every country has their own unique flavours and eating traditions:

  • Are you a connoisseur and do you want to be surprised by the heavenly tastes and an unprecedented service? Then try one of the Michelin star restaurants in Lima.
  • Wine connoisseur? Tour the vineyards in Mendoza, Argentinian or the Elqui valley in Chile.
  • Join an asado for a delicious fresh steak in Argentina.
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