Horse riding South America

“You feel the wind through your hair and smell the fresh mountain air. While you start riding a little faster, you constantly see the landscape and colours around you change. You experience an ultimate sense of freedom on the back of your beautiful horse”.

Reizen Argentinie

Become one with nature

Because Patagonia covers an area of more than 20 times the surface of the Netherlands (around a million square kilometres), horses were invaluable to the colonist. Because crops couldn’t survive in this meagre climate, farmers were dependent on their livestock. They used horses to herd their cattle.

The Gauchos are the South American version of cowboys. Naturally, horse riding is second nature to them, but they must also be able to kill, butcher and prepare an animal.

We arrange your lodgings on a ranch and show you the life of a real gaucho. You can even ride a horse through the Andesif you want!

Experience life as a gaucho

  • Around the city of Salta, are many gaucho ranches can be found, however, they can also be found around Mendoza, Buenos Aires and the southern parts of Patagonia.
  • You can stay here for 1 or more nights
  • It’s also possible to combine your stay with a car rental, so you can explore the countryside for yourself. Some ranges also have the option of riding horses yourself.
  • Experienced horse riders can explore the Andes on a trip of 1-3, 4 or 5 days. Level: intermediate-advanced. You climb mountains, cross valleys and rivers, observe the untamed Andes and encounter animals along the way like the condors and guanacos. You ride 6 to 8 hours a day and camp in safe spots or stay in a refugio.
Some examples of trips for inspiration, can be completely customised to your wishes.
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