Vulcanoes South America

“The horizon of South America is characterised by the most impressive volcanoes in the world. Thick plumes of smoke break through the skyline. You feel alive when you stand next to the raging fire, all your senses are stimulated, the intense scent of mother nature melting together with the fresh air, flames jumping from the volcano’s mouth, the colours are so spectacular that you’ll never forget this place.”

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The ring of fire

Under the Andes mountain range in South America, the Nazca plate and the Continental plate collide, during which the Earth gets plenty of opportunity to erupt. This is the reason for the high concentration of volcanoes in South America. A volcano is an opening in the earth’s surface which expels magma, gas and bedrock. This causes spectacular eruptions on the earth’s surface: boiling pools of mud, gushing geysers and beautifully coloured pink and turquoise sulphur lakes. Volcanic ground is very rich and often very fertile and desired by humans and animals. Chile has more than 1500 volcanoes, the highest number in the world.

Experience vulcanoes

  • Volcanoes are found in multiple countries in South America and can easily be incorporated into your trip.
  • The Licancabur volcano is on the border of Bolivia and Chile and can been seen during our salt flat tour.
  • The Lascar volcano rises far above the Atacama Desert and can’t be missed during a visit to Chile.
  • The South-Chilean Villarrica volcano can be climbed and is one of the most active and rare volcanoes in the world with a lava lake in the crater.
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